Copper Machining

Lathed & Milled Copper Part used in the Semiconductor Industry

Lathed and milled copper part used in the Semiconductor Industry.

Although it is the third most commonly-used metal in the world, the softness and malleability of copper make it difficult for many in our industry to work with. Fortunately, Portland Precision Manufacturing Company has many years’ experience in machining copper, and can produce tight tolerance, high precision copper parts that match your exact design specifications.

A highly skilled staff and advanced equipment allow us to deliver machined copper parts with tolerances of ±0.0005” or better. Copper CNC machining technology ensures perfect repeatability, from the first part to the last, in any quantity, whether you need a single prototype component or high volume production runs with tens of thousands of pieces. Anything you require, from the simplest parts to the most intricate, can be machined to match your exact specifications.

Working with Copper

Copper and copper alloys have been used by humans for thousands of years, in a wide range of applications. Copper is highly ductile and offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making it ideal for use in electronics, communications equipment, and similar devices. Thanks to its durability and natural corrosion resistance, copper is also a popular material for architecture and construction.

Machining Copper

As mentioned above, copper’s malleability makes it difficult to accurately machine at tight tolerances.  At Portland Precision, we have the copper machining knowhow to deliver precision parts and components with the same high precision as other materials with which we work.

We work with most grades of copper and most copper alloys, including brass. Please contact us for specific material questions or if you require a specialty grade or alloy.

We also offer a variety of secondary operations to add further value to our precision copper machining services. Heat treating, surface finishing, and more are available to save you time and money in your production processes.

Contact Us for Copper CNC Machining

If you need high precision copper machining, look no further than Portland Precision. We have the experience and the expertise to deliver the high quality, tight tolerance parts and components you need. Request a quote on copper CNC machining or contact us to discuss your project.

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